There is no One Definitive Way to Style a Puffer Jacket

Of course, puffer jackets aren't always the tastiest outerwear. With their oversized fit and padded sleeves, these quilted jackets can venture into the realm of personalization based on cut, pattern, and style. Down jackets tend to pair well with chic basics like classic jeans, turtlenecks, and leggings that make oversized silhouettes stand out.




When considering how best to style a down jacket for days that aren't too cold, is there another option? You can pay homage to Sporty Spice by pairing your puffer jacket with low-rise pants for a style that was popular in the '90s and early 2000s. Like pairing your puffer jacket with a pair of cargo pants, a long cargo skirt, straight-leg baggy jeans, a mini skirt, a pair of shorts,a long sweater , or low-waist jeans. Of course, revealing the waist isn't recommended in the icy, snowy climate reminiscent of Winterfell in Game of Thrones - but this look is definitely for those slightly chilly autumn and winter days when hospitality is always welcome (so you don't want to be back to bed).






Drape your Jacket Over your Shoulders for a more Relaxed Look

A down jacket might not feel like an obvious choice for evening wear, but it has the benefit of taking your outfit from A to B with a more casual feel. Not to mention, you'll be thankful for that extra warmth while you wait for your taxi home. To make it look intentional (rather than like the first coat you saw on the stand when you picked it up and left), stick to darker blacks and khakis. If your other clothing is darker, a light sage green or ice blue might work too, but ideally, it has a high-shine finish or gold hardware for a premium touch.





When you're out for the week, a down jacket under a blazer is a great way to keep warm and stay looking stylish. The hooded sleeveless version can also look good, just be sure to wear a long-sleeve top and then a long-sleeve hoodie before wearing the puffer as a final layer to keep warm. Or, you can go all out and actually opt for a blazer-style down jacket that can be layered on top and still look planned. It's like making a conscious choice of style rather than something you put on to keep cool.





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