Styling Long Cargo Skirts

The trend started with overalls (which are still summer pants, by the way) and has now trickled down to skirts. Fashionable yet comfortable, a cargo skirt is an unexpected addition to your wardrobe. Buy yourself your first midi cargo skirt and you already feel a complete refresh of your clothing styling portfolio. A cargo skirt looks great with a simple tank top, sloppy chain jewelry, and whatever shoes you want (heels, sandals, boots, platforms, or sneakers will work).



Wear a fitted shirt or tuck in a loose shirt. Cargo skirts are similar to jeans. The fabric isn't too fluid, so they can look boxy without a matching shirt. Accentuate your curves with a fitted shirt. If you like your shirt loose, tuck it in to accentuate your waist while flattening your tummy.





Skirts with lots of pocket space are rare these days, so thank you for the revival of the cargo skirt! These cute, functional pieces are known and loved for their roomy pockets and comfortable, relaxed fit. Choose the style and length that suits you, then layer it with a slim top and a button-up sweater, or a simple tee and platform sneakers, or a slim tank top and cropped long-sleeve bomber jacket for a casual look. Keep your keys in your pocket and leave your wallet at home to take advantage of your stylish, functional cargo skirt.



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